Exploring the intersection of brand, culture + physical space.

Makespace transforms shared spaces into gathering places for modern creators and consumers.

We partner with building owners and specialty brands to activate urban spaces through design, retail, food, hospitality, culture and community. We also own, operate and co-invest in new ventures focused on changing the way we work, build and live together.

Founded in 2014, Makespace Group Inc. is led by a multidisciplinary team combining brand, built environment, digital strategy, retail/hospitality, and product development experience under a singular strategic mindset. Together, we produce human-centric, design-led solutions with our partners at the intersection of culture, brand, and physical space.

The way we work.

Our guiding principles are the foundation that assure expectations are met and drive our work to excellence. It is not a manifesto, it is a declaration of intent. You can count on them —and if need be— you can call us out if we stray from them.

Focused. As agencies scale, they tend to get distracted by time-sheets, billable hours and managing overhead. We’ve designed our processes for efficiency and efficacy. Makespace is completely absorbed by the work, aiming to create genre-defining results on every project. 

Disciplined. Consistently producing great work requires adherence to a structured but adaptive methodology, a commitment to success and deeply shared accountability. We put a lot of effort upfront to distill insights and hone strategy. We work with clients collaboratively and transparently and are dedicated to measurement against clear objectives and expectations.

Ambitious. When you work with us, you can expect that we will come to the table with big ideas and thorough supporting rationale. We elevate our craft to the level that could be measured on the world stage. We’ll help you to think globally as well, even if your immediate needs appear local. 

Fearless. We believe in finding the right solution to a problem, not the easiest solution. We won’t be reckless as we step forward, but as inquisitive explorers we may take the odd leap of faith.