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        Moving people & moving the mark.

        Leveraging space and how people move through it to design a unique and impactful campaign.

        Sometimes a brand finds itself in a venue that allows it to really ‘go big’ with the story it wants to tell. ATB Financial took a broad look at the advertising spaces it leased in three of Alberta’s major airports and realized they could do more than cover blank walls with sales pitches. 

        We stepped back and considered the opportunity to use a comprehensive medium to tell a bigger story. The story about ATB’s mission to be part of the life journey of Albertans — how banking can help bring the common aspirations of individuals closer to reality. To tell this story, ATB had to partner with the airports themselves and develop a win-win that transcended self-interested marketing. It had to be artful and interesting.     

        Inspired by street art, wild-postings, and urban murals, we took up the challenge by exploring multiple directions for expressing the creativity and drive of a province on the move. We knew that typography, illustration, and photography were key ingredients to speaking louder than mere advertisements. 

        With the goal of leave a bold and lasting impression on travellers, the graphics target young professionals and bring ATB’s mission to ‘listen and respond’ to a scale that is larger than life. The messaging supports the insight that millennials are looking for a financial institution to “help them get somewhere they can’t get to alone.” It feels a bit like a revolution. The result is a bold, in-your-face takeover of an otherwise passive, neutral environment that makes almost every airport in the world feel so similar to the other. The design is completely on-brand but the attitude and approach is unabashedly effusive.

        The 18th century writer Goethe called architecture ‘frozen music.’ Perhaps a more contemporary idea and one more appropriate to this project is the notion of a ‘frozen movie.’ 

        For the ATB airport activations, the graphics are indeed ‘frozen’ as static images, but the audience is dynamic — busily moving through a ‘timeline’ of terminals, halls, and jetways.  Understanding how people move through the space allowed us to implement a unique and impactful campaign. Each scene like a frame in a bigger-than-life movie storyboard in which one has no choice but to participate as a lead actor.