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        Gather at Factory.

        The retail campus for modern creators and consumers.

        It’s hard to describe Factory without the referencing a mashup of familiar retail, hospitality or residential concepts. We talk of spatial archetypes like the “Great Room,” “Gallery” and “Hotel Lobby.” In truth, it’s none of these things and yet all of them at once. When you walk into a Factory space, there is an alchemy at play that immediately cues you are entering something different; something special. It is more than the space: it is the human connections the space fosters.

        Work life is itself a daily mashup of connected experiences that transcend the cubicle or boardroom, and where any spot that we can get wifi becomes a ‘“workplace”, and we are all in constant need to be inspired and to feed our aspirations. So it makes sense that Makespace strove to create a fluid platform driven to provide rich collisions between consumers and creators. A place for personal growth and discovery, to meet with like-minded people, and a place to count on for the day-to-day essentials of modern urbanites.


        Factory has a story to tell.

        Factory represents the intersection of retail, design, and culinary innovation - a retail and lifestyle brand oriented at modern creators and consumers. Like a magazine, Factory collects a curated series of meaningful experiences to feed the mind, body and soul. Because this edited “collection” is located in the lobby level of a downtown office tower, Factory offers a platform of amenities that serve the tenant community with every day comforts while stimulating curiosity and shared discovery.

        It’s not just a place one can rely on to eat, drink, meet and shop but also a dynamic space with every intention to break routine —to surprise and delight— and satisfy needs and as much as desires. Order a catered lunch for the team or a double-shot macchiato just for yourself. Book meeting and event spaces, sign-up for health and wellness programs, or take advantage of our “front desk” for deliveries or concierge services.

        The Factory experience is powered by a ‘curator’ mentality where our staff has a passionate knowledge of what they are serving or selling. They are all there to provide intelligently curated things and to be attentive and agile —adapting to needs of users as the scenes of the day evolve from early morning to after work.


        Where every day is an event, every corner a destination.

        So what exactly might you experience at Factory? Well that depends on the time of day you visit and on the day you happen to be there. It also depends upon what sorts of events, tastings, and revolving features have been curated and programmed into any given day. While many spaces in a building are focused on the “9 to 5”, Factory considers the all day experience, including the “5 to 9”, not just as an extension of the work day but as a relevant venue for gathering colleagues and communities.

        Factory offers cafe options that feature healthy, elevated breakfast options you sit down and eat or take up to the office. That ‘third place’ cafe vibe is there all day with baked goods and snacks to fuel team meetings, small work jams, or a little quiet time away from the office. Factory’s baristas are as serious about the provenance of their product as they are about their craft. It’s about getting a beautifully made coffee from a very skilled and hospitable coffee professional because a coffee is not just a coffee, is it? It’s an experience.

        Browse, hang and chill as you wait for your lunch to be prepared. Have a seat and be served or take-away pre-packaged or freshly made menu items. If you pre-ordered through our mobile concierge, it will be waiting for you. The food is local, seasonal and chef-driven and reasonably priced. Vegan, celiac, dairy intolerant? You’re covered.

        Shop our retail offering - a curio cabinet of design objects, useful things for work and life, wellness products and local maker wares. Non-perishable foods, snacks, condiments and coffee culture are also in the curated inventory. 

        Take refuge from the traditional office and a well-appointed alternative fitting into the flexible workspace model many companies are adopting. Factory encourages dwell time and is designed to accommodate different kinds of seating modes and configurations. 

        Even the after-work experience is full of options. During happy hour, the Factory great room converts into a full-service bar and restaurant featuring an open kitchen that is a culinary stage for creative meals, craft cocktails and curated beer and wine. Guest chefs take the helm in a culinary lab series or theme nights will offer specialty tasting menus. There is a private lounge with its own kitchen and bar that provides a more intimate club experience. On any given night, discover events in the common areas running the gamut from pop-ups and meet-ups to dance parties and artist showcases.


        A space that’s creative, didactic and ever-evolving.

        You know that feeling you get at a really wicked conference? Like new worlds are opening up to you between the people you are meeting, the places you are gathering in, and all the new information you are absorbing? Like the post-conference meet-ups with a never-ending stream of interesting people, great food, drinks, and information that is that perfect confluence of sharing so obvious you can't believe you didn't know already and so ingenious and novel that you would never have thought of it on your own. 

        Factory celebrates the best of brand, culture, and space here, and around the globe. A place for modern creators and consumers to gather, learn, grow, and get inspired.