ATB Annual '16

ATB Annual '16

Long story short.

For ATB’s 2016 Annual Report, we wanted to take up the ‘challenge’ of creating a smaller-footprint report and turn that into the essence of the publication. Working with the creative team at ATB we asked ourselves,“How can the format be the theme?” The solution to this comes from recognizing “Part A” (the Executive Summary) and “Part B” (the MD&A and Financials) as two distinct parts and letting the creative support that notion. A pocket held the two pieces together as the full report but the “Short Story” had a print overrun and was used as a document available to a wider audience.

Given the state of the economy in Alberta, we want the the content and the tone to be sober, empathetic, straight-to-the-point, and devoid of any ‘fluff’. Part A was written and illustrated as the “short story” synopsis and Part B as the “deep dive” into the numbers behind the story. The theme of the “long and the short of it” provided many opportunities to play with language — explaining both the big picture and the fine details of a year in recession.

Creative Director: Dennis Lenarduzzi
Designer: Nick Oelke
Writer: Faith Farthing and Dennis Lenarduzzi

2017 ACE Award for Annual Report
2017 ACE Distinction for Design


See the digital version of the Annual Report.